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Pyrosystems is a subsidiary of Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics Pty Ltd and distributes the Speedrail™ Pyrotechnic Rail from ePyro Systems. Speedrail™ houses the Fireone Module, allowing quick and easy connection of Pluggable Ignitors.

Our Product Line

The Speedrail™ Pyrotechnic Rail from ePyro Systems is an integrated solution to allow the quick and easy use of Pluggable Ignitors with Fireone Modules. The unique design features allow connection to many different firing solutions, including the Pyro Lamas rack system.

Using the Speedrail™system can reduce your times and costs on pyrotechnics setup and pulldowns by up to 75%.

You can achieve faster setup and pulldowns and reduced labour with the use of Pluggable Ignitors. The main panel consists of 32 x 2-pin connectors allowing rapid and safe insertion of your ignitors. Each output is clearly marked with shot number and wire orientation.

The Speedrail™ has been designed to allow plug & play insertion of a Fireone module (2-Wire or Wireless), thereby eliminating the need for SCSI cables.

The unique extrusion design allows the Speedrail™ to easily attach and slide onto a Pyrolamas rail. The Speedrail™ unit can be placed anywhere on top or even below the Pyrolamas including arch set-ups. There are mounting holes to add safety/locking pins if you wish.

In addition, there are 3 x M10 holes to allow for one or more standard truss clamps to be attached. Just a Allen key is usually required for the bolt on the outside.